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Construction Management

    Project Time Management Subsystem

Delivering Projects on time is a major challenge in the management of any project. Project time management involves the processes of time planning and control. The planning process is aimed to provide project parties with the time frame of their assigned tasks also it provides them  with the awareness of the dependency of their assigned tasks on other tasks of the project as well as the whole project completion. The time control process is aimed to provide project parties with the awareness of the value and reasons of time delays in a measurable form in order to allow for early corrective actions. The application of the planning and time control processes should be carried out in a structured approach using tools specially designed to manage the process during the procurement ,submittals and construction phases of the project. This structured approach is the key to ensure continual improvement.

The time planning and control processes on any construction project should be managed by experts who have sufficient experience in the construction industry as well as in managing these processes. This is very important in order to ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of the project time management processes.

Time Management Layout

Project Cost Management subsystem

The cost management processes includes the planning, execution and the control processes.

This includes estimating and budgeting, managing the payment processes while work is being executed, controlling costs via comparing actual costs to estimates, reporting variances and recommending corrective actions.

Cost Management Layout

Managing project costs includes:

·        The preparation of project estimates at different project phases

·        Preparation of expected Project Cash out according to the project time schedule.

·        Setting of the payment process for Consultants and Contractors according to signed contracts

·        Investigate market rates for basic construction materials

·        Review payment certificates for Consultants and Contractors and make recommendations to the client accordingly

·        Compare actual costs to estimates, revise budgets and recommend corrective actions accordingly.


Project Quality Management Subsystem

This subsystem is aimed at assuring that quality is inspected by the supervision consultants resolving any disputes that may arise while carrying out such tasks.

Project Coordination Subsystem

This subsystem deals with the process of ensuring proper coordination is carried between different project parties. This includes setting forms and frequency of communications on the project which includes meetings, correspondence and other deliverables.

This also sets the review cycle of different project documents.

Project Contract Management Subsystem

This subsystem deals with the process of administrating the contracts of consultants and contractors, ensuring that all parties of the project carry out their obligations as planned in contract conditions.

This system also deals with variations and how they are dealt with according to the conditions of contracts.

The tasks to be carried out by PM CONSULTANT team can be outlined as follows


Administer contract with consultants and contractors.

Set the processes and formats for variations on the project.

Study claims by consultants, contractors and report to client on their eligibility.


Project Site Administration Subsystem

This subsystem deals with the process of administering the site to ensure health, safety, environment and all other government regulations are met by the contractors.

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