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Pre-Design Management

Madar PM team will be working in cooperation with the design consultant and the client to develop a plan clearly define the project objectives, budget, schedules, reporting system and procedures so as to achieve the client satisfaction and achieve its objectives. The procedures as follows:

Project Analysis Phase

Assess the status of the project and develop with the Client, the required monitoring and reporting criteria. This may involve a determination of: Organizational Structure, Working Procedures, Meeting Schedules/ Types of meetings required/ Attendance at Meetings, Reporting requirements, particularly for Client approvals, budget issues and schedule, And Communication channels and methods of coordinating design, construction, and project completion on hand over.

Following an assessment of the demands for the project, Madar PM will propose to the Client the proposed project organizational structure, operating procedures, etc., needed for the successful management of the project.

Master Planning / Entitlements Approval Phase

Where the project scope requires this service, Madar PM undertakes the following typical services:

·     Access the status of site zoning/ community development plan entitlements to define the allowable development options. Check this against the Client requirements to determine any variance to the existing Land Use Approval.

·     Undertake “focused meetings” with the Client to address the development options within the existing Land Use Approvals or through pursuing zone changes/ variances etc. by which the existing Land Use Development zoning status can be modified to allow the Client’s proposed development to be approved.

·     Assemble the team for the Client that is required to effectively pursue the Client’s development options and study the options and potential goals including:

·     Analyze options for development including allowable land uses, space mix, parking, noise, shade/shadow and traffic impacts and other potential environmental impacts.

·     Assess operational impacts on the Clients business day resulting from the development process and the associated timescale and costs of the entitlements, design and construction process.

·     Assess easements and utility services availability and location.

·     Assess site topography.

·     From the above, determine the Clients program, the preferred options, the potential approvals process, its schedule and cost.

·     By the completion of this phase, prepare an RFP for Architects defining the scope and phasing of the project for a design team to bid on Master Planning and design services.

Pre-Design Planning

During the phase the role of Madar PM is to assist the Client with the following:

·     Defining overall development objectives and options.

·     Determine the project team's organizational structure, operating procedures, etc.

·     Consultant selection process (define the selection criteria/ interview Architects, Engineers, and Interior Designers etc.).

·     Negotiate the consultants’ contracts, scope and fee level on behalf of the Client.

·     Coordinate the design team's initial due diligence investigations.

·     Definition of Land Use/ Entitlements Issues and in the selection of applicable consultants.

·     Development of a Master Plan for the site.

·     Develop a master schedule for the entire project.

·     Develop a preliminary Master Budget.


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